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  1. Ema

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    Jun 4, 2010
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    First sorry if this is in wrong area!!! wasn't sure where to post.

    My vet is out of town for the next week on personal business, usually they find a replacement but I guess it was short notice and they had no time to get anyone in, there is no other vet in the area, the closest one is about 330km away. One of my female dogs started having foul smelling green watery poops yesterday, usually she asks to go out but she is not even asking now, she is still drinkign and eating fine. I am worried it might be cocci, she is away from the rest of the dogs for now, I am wondering if there is anyone who has treated cocci at home with antibiotics meant for livestock?? My neighbour has cattle and he said antibiotics meant for swine will help but he didn't know the dosage. My girl is 5 yrs old and weights about 70 - 80 lbs any help or input would be appreciated!!!

    I guess I should mention the only changes are: its been really hot in this area lately, plus we have 5 extra people in the household. She does not eat table scraps ever, none of my dogs do!!! and their dog pen is clean, no foreign materials nothing poisonous, they have a concrete patch and a grass patch, and a clean 10 X 8 house to get out of the elements in case I don't let them in right away. Other than that my dogs are never left outside, even if I am not home.
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    Coccidia is really uncommon in a dog that age. Is she spayed? It sounds like she ate something (dead bird, etc) from outside that was nasty...if your vet's gone for a week, it's likely worth the drive to the other vet. Also, you'll have to be more specific about what the antibiotics are that you have access to before anyone can tell you if they are ok to give or not, or a dose...
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    I wouldn't give her the antibiotics yet. What kind are they? Other than her poop she's acting fine? No vomiting, lethargic or anything like that?

    Take her off her regular food for 24 hours but make sure she has lots of fresh water. You can give her boiled rice mixed with some veggies (NEVER GIVE ONION, GARLIC, GRAPES OR RAISINS TO DOGS!). Also give her some yogurt. If she is having a bacterial overgrowth in her guts the yogurt will help. Take her temperature too.

    We need a bit more information to help any further than that and if her attitude goes down or her temperature up don't wait, take her to the other vet.
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  4. redhen

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    Is she UTD on her Parvo shots?
    What about that other one... (cant remember it..)... something like Gardia ??? *hopefully someone will know what word i'm trying to*
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  5. Ema

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    and I would make that drive in a heart beat if it wasn't that I have my sisters 3 little ones here with me plus my three for the next 4 days. my hubby is gone for the next 3 weeks for work and I got the minivan, 4 hour drive there and 4 hours back with a dog with the runs and a car full of babies....its not really a good mix. If hubby was home he could take her no problem!!! while I stayed with the kids. :-(

    She is definitley fixed, and we've had had a nest of birs over by the dog pen, never thought about that!! wil have to check to see if the sterlings have hatched, and if mom and dad are still around!!
  6. Ema

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    Jun 4, 2010
    N. Ontario CANADA
    my dogs see the vet regurlarly, up to date on all shots etc...they don't eat table scraps at all, she is acting just fine, other than the fact she is not askign to go outside now. Her temp is normal, she is even playful, I know cocci is rare in dogs this age but her sister got it last year and was very ill, and it started out much like this, even though my vet is a crook I paid for the treatment and the meds, it was super expensive, 2 weeks worth of pills and 1 week in the hospital because the vet said she was suffering from dehydration and she was pooping a lof of blood. In any event I just needed my dog to recover and come home even though I got a bill for 1800 dollars!! both girls are golden labs, sisters, both fixed. they don't have any chewing habits and I can leve a garbage bag int he same room as them and they will not even go in it. Very well behaved unlike my males!!
  7. leahthor

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    Jun 24, 2010
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    Well, you certainly have your hands full! Continue with the bland diet and yogurt for a few days, lots of water and take her temperature at least once a day but preferably twice a day.

    On another note, not all large animal antibiotics are safe for other species. We really need to know what kind/brand they are before we can say if its safe or not.

    Good luck!
  8. NewToFarming

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    Apr 28, 2010
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    I would give her belly a rest but do try to keep up fluids to prevent dehydration. Then slowly introduce food by starting with the boiled rice and veggies and/or hamburg.
    My dog had something similiar last year and I do believe he got something he shouldn't have eaten outside. What antibiotics do you have on hand that you were thinking of giving?
    Usually they give flagyl in combination with another antibiotic and I can't think of the name of the other one right now for GI issues.
    I had to keep my bulldog on that diet for about 2 weeks until it finally cleared. But if your dog starts to deteriorate and it can happen quickly, you would need to get him to a vet for IV hydration at the least.
  9. crawfordmama

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    This happened to a friend's dog and my parents' dog, both from drinking stagnant water. They were both put on a bland diet and it cleared up in a few days.
  10. txliss

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    Oct 13, 2008
    A couple of thoughts (my parents used to raise dogs, I used to raise German Shepherds).

    #1 - withhold food for 24 hours, keep water available at all times.
    #2 - you can give pepto bismol (original) at a dose rate of 1tsp per 5pounds body weight every 6 hours - do not do this for more than 24 hour hours without vet consult.

    If this does clear up, she probably got into something fun (like bird nest or squirrels LOL). My dog found an old chicken grave and was sick for about 24 hours with similar symptoms. [​IMG]

    If it does not clear up, this could be cryptosporidium (sp?). This is carried in feces of all kinds, and is very contagious. My dad's shepherd and bulldog got this from their septic when they had a leach line malfunction with standing water above it. The first line of treatment for crypto is antibiotics with fiber supplements to clear the spores from the digestive tract. This would be a longer term of treatment (~6 months). Yogurt is a major help since it helps the good bacteria in the gut.

    I always wait a couple of days before I take in my kids and animals, unless I suspect poisoning. I HATE paying the $$ to go to the doc/vet, then hear, "it's just a virus." Thanks, Doc. Really, I had noooo idea... [​IMG]

    I hope your girlie dog recovers quickly![​IMG]

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