Jul 17, 2015
Hello everyone!
Last night my beagle (profile picture is him) began screaming at around 7pm. By screaming I mean he would scream like a fox or dying dog for minutes at a time before stopping then screaming again. I ran outside to see what was going on and he continued to scream and run around then strain and try to poo. He did this for about twenty minutes before I figure out it wasn't a snake bite. We realised he was constipated and we took him straight to the vets.

The vets gave him pills and soon he did go, but it was small and rock hard. He still screamed while going. We walked him down the road and he went again much larger and it had blood in it. It was also less hard then before. But this time he didn't scream which was a relief!

We took him for two long walks today yet he still didn't poo like he normally would. I was wondering if there was something natural I could put into his food to help him go. He recently escaped and I think he ate some things he shouldn't have, like chicken bones or something which is causing his upset stomach.
I don't know much about dogs, but I do know that pumpkin and broth helps them poop. Do you feed him dry food? Try switching to wet canned food. The more liquid he has in him the more likely he is to poop. I would ask your vet to get an x-ray or something done to see if he has any sort of blockage that could be causing this. If this issue persists and he can't poop, I would ask your vet to put him on fluids. If you hydrate an animal, it helps clear their system. Works with humans too, haha. I hope for the best for your cute doggy, keep us updated!

Edit: Just read to only try one method of constipation remedy at a time, because too many can cause diarrhea.
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The beagle is on a BARF diet so veggies and raw meat. Not chicken. He does sometimes have constipation issues if we don't walk him but this is extreme. I will try to get an x-ray but it does coast a bloody lot haha. Iam will try the pumpkin idea though. Is it just raw pumpkin or?

Thanks for responding so fast! :thumbsup
are you feeding too much bone? that is the usual cause of constipation in a raw fed dogs. veggies are unnecessary and won't do anything to help him and the excess fiber may be creating issues.
mineral oil can help but I would first check to make sure that he doesn't have some type of blockage.

If you try the pumpkin, be sure that you use pure canned pumpkin, not the pie filling.
Hello guys
I am unsure of if he gets organ meat in his diet i will ask my dad cause he feeds him. Today I came home and he had puked everywhere and when I walked him he peed a lot more then normal. He has been pooing when we walk but its not as much as normal and he still strains. I don't know what to do and I am really starting to worry.
I would be worried about an impaction. was the vomit "normal" or did it have a strong fecal odor?
The vomit was normal but there was no grass or food in the vomit which I thought was odd because he's never just vomited water and foam before without reason.
I would be worried about an impaction. was the vomit "normal" or did it have a strong fecal odor?

I so agree with the impaction theory. I know xrays are costly, but if there is an impaction, or a slight twist, he could die quickly.

Dogs are omnivores, so including some veg is ok. Do you feed a prepared brand of raw food or homemade? Has he been eating normally? Drinking ok? The excess pee might be because he's hungry but doesn't want to eat and drinks instead.

As far as changing his food, I wouldn't until a few other things had been tried. If he has a sensitive digestion, you could make things worse. Add about 1/4 c of plain canned pumpkin to his feed once daily. It is very good for the digestion, like TheLadies said. Continue to offer plenty of fresh water.

His not going a "full poo" and his discomfort might be because of hemorrhoids caused by constipation. If this causes pain while going, he will avoid going.

I'd go back to the vet, get that exray and discuss his feed. He may not be able to handle a raw diet.

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