Dog keeps killing hens


8 Years
Mar 24, 2012
Dallas area
Insult on injury, it is *my* own dog that is doing it!

I have a 2 year old dauchshund that is responsible for killing 4 of my hens in the past 2 months. We have built a pretty good fence around the coop area to prevent more killing which resulted in my americauna getting eaten this morning. I think the problem is that the hens are getting on top of the fence and going over. I've clipped their wings and they're still going up and over.
What else can I do? Netting over the area near the fence? Any suggestions?
What's the best material to use to enclose the top?
Any number of things will work, it depends on how secure you need the top to be (just keep them in our keep things out). To just keep the birds in you could use poultry betting or even any number of plastic/light mesh/netting. If you want it to function to also keep potential threats out you'll want heavy gauge wire, hardware cloth, solid roofing
Our Boarder Collie had that habit. It was a nightmare. Took 2 years to teach him not to attack them. A lot of ours free range.
We would have to muzzle him and keep him Close to the hens while his jaw was clamped. Not all day of course. Just an hour here and there. Eventually he realized it was a form of punishment. Now if he misbehaves, we hold the muzzel up so he can see it and he flips the I am an Angel switch on and snaps out of the desire to misbehave.
Took for ever but we had patients because we love him. He is a smart dog. Good luck..
I think wings can be clipped tight enough to keep birds in that setup. Make clip bilateral and close. Properly done I can keep even my games from going over 24". If approach used, then post a picture of clip job on open wings before putting scissors down.
use 6 0r 8 ft 2 x 4 with feet all four sides rounded top of 1/4 12 x 12 inch plywood for top paint all prior to use, you round the top board to protect the wire but gives you the height to walk even chicken wire 1 inch will keep them in

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