Dog lovers - post pics of your dogs!

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    Gotta watch out for those crazy Toy Poodles.


    She is very very very submissive and scared of everything. It is apparently a submissive thing to show only the front teeth [​IMG] She does this while showing other very submissive behaviors so I know that is the way it goes.

    She is an older poodle I have had since 2005. She was a middle aged adult already, so who knows what happened the first years? She just went on heart medication a couple weeks ago as her heart murmur has gotten significantly worse since her last check up. She is goofy.
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    Apr 15, 2009

    These are my old dogs. The only one still alive in this picture is the AmStaff on the far left. They were/are great working dogs and we love them all dearly. From left to right: Sally (still kickin') Daisy, Lulu, Burbus and Gelly the GSD, RIP.


    This is Sally weaving at a show when she was about 6yrs. She is 12yrs now and retired with cardiomyopathy. I'll will post pictures of my current, and hopefully for a very long time, working dogs when I get them uploaded.
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    Brindlebtch - Beautiful dogs. [​IMG] Look forward to more pics from you [​IMG]
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    May 1, 2009
    Here are two of my four babies.

    This is Daisy, my 7 month old Rotti


    Ozzie our 1 year old German Shorthair Pointer


    We also have a yellow lab and a mini schnauzer
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    This is Hailey's Weeping Willow aka Willow.

    Here she is at 4 months old.

    Here she is at 15 months old.

    Here is my pound puppy Fiji.

    My rescue rottie Sasha. She was put down a few months ago for arthritis. I still miss her dearly.
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    Quote:I agree, those are gorgeous dogs!

    SportTees - My aunt had mini Schnauzers for years, they are great dogs.
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    Quote:I have to admit I've had lots of breeds of dog and these have surprised me. When I told people I was getting Schnauzers everyone I talked to told me I was getting a good breed of dog. They were right- They are very smart and loving dogs.
  9. Brindlebtch

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    Apr 15, 2009
    Thank you tnlorprazer and ChickenToes!

    I posted more pics on the 'show me your bullies' and 'CHAMPION Hartagold Maggie May CGC' threads.
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    The most recent picture of the puppy:


    Golden Retriever puppy, Indy, with Pug, Stanny:


    Stan, a face only a mother could love:


    Kobi (half chocolate Lab/half ? probably Doberman, in the coop:


    Kobi taking a nap with stuffies:
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