Dog neuter problems, help please!


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11 Years
Apr 24, 2009
Dog was neutered yesterday morning. Picked him up at 5pm. He hasn't peed since. Also, he licked his stitches while we slept last night and we woke up to his incision gaping open. Called the vet, she said not to worry that it'd close itself in a few days or that I could crazy glue it together, bandage it, an put on an Elizabethian collar to deter licking. All of that is done.

I still don't feel too good about it, though. What do you all think?
I would call another vet or animal hospital. They should be able to tell you if they agree or disagree with the instructions you received. My concern would be that he has not urinated.
I had my Pyrenees done 2 weeks ago.She did the same thing .My vet told me too bring her back in and they sewed her back up.
The collar is a necessity and if you leave the wound open your dog could get a hernia which is expensive to fix and not good

They didnt give you a collar after surgery?!
~ I think that the hernia part is true too...I'd watch him closely & make sure he's eating & drinking ok..Calling another vet, might be a good idea just to see what they tell ya & or 'google' something like ""directions after neuter"" & see what kind of info ya get...
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The crazy glue should fix the problem nicely as it was originally used on skin. Just leave a small drainage hole. I would be worried about his not peeing though. Have you taken him to really tempting spots?
Glue it like the vet said and leave a small drainage hole.
I am a little worried about the dog not urinating though. How long has it been and how much ahs he drank? It may be ok to wait till tomorrow but if you think it needs taked care of now I would call an emergency vet. Always listen to your gut. You are the owner and you know your dogs habits.
The take home instructions said to only give him a few ice cubes last night and then small amounts of water throughout the day and back to normal tonight as far as food and water. He's had 5 large ice cubes, and 16oz. give or take since his surgery. I cannot find an emergency vet!
My male German Shepherd did the same thing with his incision and it healed just fine. Make sure you keep him from licking it. I would give him some more water and take him out to his favorite spot. Nothing in = nothing out.

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