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    Jan 2, 2009
    Last week a stray dog killed one of our roosters and one hen. We now have 1 rooster and 17 layers. Up until this happened, we still averaged 5-8 eggs a day, even with temperatures well below freezing. Since then (7 days now) we're only gotten about 4 eggs total. Is this a coincidence or could they be that dramatized? They were ranging in the yard when it happened. Temperatures have been well above freezing during the day for several days now. Thanks.
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    Just about anything that upsets their little world can stop the laying. Give em some time to chill and I'll bet they'll go back to laying as usual.
    Sorry for your loss.
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    Even with all the snow and cold temperatures we have had, I was averaging nine eggs a day from eleven hens.

    Two days ago my stupid dogs got into the yard and the weiner dog got into the coop and chased my girls all over and out into the dark, killed my lone quail that thought she was a chicken and pulled some feathers from my Polish.
    This was in the dark morning- about six a.m. and I heard the chickens faintly during the attack- and thought they were laying (they are noisy when they lay).

    My gate had evidently blown open to their yard and I let my dogs out- but because it was so cold, I only kept them out for a few minutes.

    Since then, I have only gotten four eggs. I am certain it is because of their scare...and I don't expect them to pick back up with their laying now until the weather warms up and the light cycle cooperates.

    [​IMG] I am sure yours are reacting to the dog attack.
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