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    Ok, I know that dogs can get separation anxiety but I have a couple questions about it. Back story, I have a 7yo Catahoula Leopard Dog, Khan, we've had since he was 6wks old. He grew up with my kids and is an amazing dog (younger daughter was 6mos old when we got him). Up until last summer, he's always had a house companion. We had cats when we got him and they adjusted to having a puppy fine and they all became friends. We lost one of our cats to heart disease 5 years ago but still had our female. She passed last summer from old age and we haven't replaced her yet. We've been planning to get a friend for Khan since we bought our house last May but due to finances haven't done it yet. (We could get another dog but it would be really hard to do any vet stuff so have been waiting till finances are not so tight - like the rest of the country.)

    I'm a mostly stay at home mom, usually not out of the house for more than an hour or two. He usually stays indoors unless we're in the backyard then he comes out too. He has a dog door so has access to the yard anytime he wants. Lately we've had a couple late nights (over to my mom's for most of the evening and off to the fair a couple times) and noticed a trend occurring. If we leave hot dog or hamburger buns on the dining room table, he gets into them. Eats the whole bag. Now I know the simple solution is don't leave them out. However, this has happened more frequently in the last year and on Monday when we got home from the Fair (in the afternoon) he'd gone into the trash to get the buns I'd thrown away from when he'd gotten into them the night before. (I know, should have taken the trash out.) Cleaned it up, not really a huge mess but still.

    Then Tuesday I took the kids to day camp and was gone for maybe two hours after shopping and went to put the 3yo down for a nap and noticed dog hair all over his bed. Khan had obviously slept there. This is the first time I've ever seen evidence of him being on the baby's bed. He knows he's not allowed on the furniture and usually only gets to come up on our bed if DH is sick. He sneaks into DH's chair every now and then but really not too often.

    So, here are my questions: is Khan just getting older and doesn't like being left alone anymore?, is he lonely and/or bored and that's why he's getting into stuff?, or could there be an underlying issue I'm not aware of?. I'd love to get him a friend but don't know when it will be realistic to do so. Even getting a cat or kitten is something that would require our finances to loosen up a bit for.

    I'm just a little worried about his new behavior. Thanks for any advice!
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    Sounds like normal dog stuff.He lays in the bed cuz he misses his peeps.Put the trash up don't expect him to not eat what is available.A dog is a dog.Why expect him to be a saint.I would not sweat the small stuff.Dogs are our best friends and should be treated good.They love us no matter what.Love them back.If he is getting into too much stuff,just crate him while you can't keep an eye on him.
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    Quote:Hi there [​IMG] Just got on as my daugther just went down for her nap. I was suprised to see my name on the title of a thread LOL!

    I read your history with interest as SA (separation anxiety) is always a hard thing to deal with. After reading everything carefully I highlighted the real significant things for you. [​IMG] I think you've answered your own questions [​IMG]

    Your dog doesn't have SA. Your dog has gotten away with behaviors over the years and little by little he's expanding his repertoire of unwanted behavior. I can see two main reasons dogs do this 1) small unwanted behaviors are not addressed when seen. Often the owners don't see a negative trend because they just don't do anything about the small liberties the dog takes. All unwanted behavior should be addressed as soon as it is seen. 2) he's getting older, he's got less to do while you are gone, probaby is bored with not having the cats to watch and interact with so he is coming up with his own "to do" list.

    Crating him is the easiest thing you can do for him. If you don't do that then you are just going to continue with escalating issues...unless you can (100%) of the time manage him by picking up EVERYTHING he might eat including butter/margarine on the counters, breads, dirty dishes in the sink and putting the garbage cans outside or locking in a bathroom. And you'll also have to close all bedroom/bathroom/den/playroom/ doors so he has to access to beds, then on top of that you'll have to cover the furniture with boxes or something so he can't take his naps there. Its a lot of work and you'll have to figure out what works best for you. [​IMG]
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    I have a weimaraner who actually has SA and what your dog is doing is bad behavior SA is much worse. I would confine him to aroom or two that he is able to be in without trash or bedding reinforce the good behavior he should do fine.

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