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Okay my 2 yr old mutt puppy had what we believe was a seziure today. He was twitching then started running crazily. Scariest part was the stairs he ranish up then fell down em. I carried him outside at that point. Didnt last more then a few minutes but noo clue as to why. Hes never had a prob before. Could this be heat maybe? The temps just jump right now here by over 10 degrees (western pa) if it happens again im off to the vet to do whatever we can do within our means. Hes been okay sense but still very scary i love my puppy cap't jack.
Probably not heat related, would need to be much hotter for heat stroke and seizure to start from that. How was he acting prior to the episode, how did he act following it? Did he seem confused or sort of spaced out? Did he lose bladder control at all? Any chance something bit him and he was running away from it? Was he crying or barking at all? What happened when he fell down the stairs?

To be honest there are lots of things it could this point there isn't much a vet can do...not enough info at this point. If it happens again, try to pay attention to what happened directly before, how he acted, how long it lasted (time it, don't guess) and exactly how he behaved physically and what happens during the recovery. That info will help your vet.

Hopefully it was just a fluke thing, but keep an eye on him.
Ive been watching him. Before hand he was laying on the floor napping with us (kids still nap so we enjoy a fam nap sundays lol) he did pee during but it was after he went outside so.... he was fine afterwards. Just a bit more slobbery then normal. He just went upstairs to sleep with no prob and nothing jas bitten hin. Though he stays out while we are gone the critters only show up at night around here. Praying its a fluke. (Outside he norm has shade but today he stayed out back with us a few hrs where there is no shade. He is also all black dog) well see what happens and ill wait on vet cuz i know they wont be cheap to do checks
maybe ill hit the lotto tm so it won't matter lol
It could be a number of things. It could be the start of a seizure disorder to poisoning. if he is acting ok and you don't think he needs to go to the vet then keep an eye on him.

I will add to what equine623 said and tell you to keep a record of these episodes. Seizures can also be happening if the dog is just laying there and looks spaced out. Afterwards he would be tired. Start watching him and take notes if something looks off.

Is he neutered yet? If not get it done. That can help. If he does have siezures he will most likely be put on phenobarbitol and will have to be on it for life. If put on phenobarb he will also have to have regular checkups and blood work done. It is kinda scary for the owner to watch. I know. Also if possible DO NOT TOUCH your dog during an episode. He may bite you accidentally. My girl bit me once because I had to step in and grab her for her own protection.

I was writing as you posted. If he was outside in the sun all day it may have been due to heat stroke but it could be the onset of canine epilepsy.
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2-3 years is the time most epileptic seizures show up in dogs. Younger than that, and it is usually vaccination related or some form of toxin (including lead poisoning from dog toys), or a virus. Older, and it is usually a brain tumor. Some epileptic dogs have identifiable seizure triggers. These are the easiest to manage. I have heard of certain types of food causing seizures (unlikely if you haven't made any changes in diet), stress such as from thunder storms, heavy exercise, bright lights, and hormonal changes (ie. a dog might start having seizures every time she goes into heat) are some other common ones. Sometimes a trigger can not be found and is caused by something like a malformation of the brain or even a more hidden cause. The types of seizures that exist are different in cause and expression. The main kinds are convulsive (grand mal and petite mal) seizures, and sometimes but not always convulsive partial (simple partial and complex partial sometimes called simple and complex focal) seizures. Some people don't even know their dog is having a complex partial seizure, because there may be no twitching at all. Due to your dog's age, I suspect that primary epilepsy will be diagnosed *if* the seizures continue. Occasionally, a dog will only have one or two in their life time, and that is all. It's time to start keeping a seizure log, and also to establish a relationship with a vet who is knowledgeable about canine epilepsy. You want to log what time the seizure occurred, how long it occurred for, what parts of the body were effected (ie. one side, started in one leg then spread, etc), if you could detect any changes in behavior or stance before or after the seizure. The good news is that many dogs with epilepsy are able to be successfully treated, or the condition can be managed so that the dog lives a full life. Sometimes, it only takes a very affordable drug such as phenobarbital to stop seizures entirely. Most vets will not start treatment until a dog is having frequent seizures though. Youtube has some good videos, and this site has some good information:

Best of luck.
I only grabbed him to keep him from hurting himself on the stairs. Hopefully its a one time deal. The vet down the rd has always done me good before so thatll be the first stop. Unfortunately he isnt fixed yet. Need $200 to do it and the house must be done list is getting bigger. Hoping ppl start tipping us waitresses better so i can get it. Hubby makes just enough so my extra weekend work is all out extra funds. Grrr to gas and stupid stuff breaking. Thanx everyone its whag i mostly seen while researching after he was done. At least hes back to his old self now. Hope it sticks
$200 to neuter a dog? Does he have a retained testicle? Giant breed of dog? If not, call around. There are usually low cost spay/neuter clinics in most cities.
Do you have any idea what breeds are mixed in him? Certain breeds have a tendency towards seizures. I've seen Scotties whose seizures consisted of "snapping at flies". Some times it can be a blank look, then they snap out of it. Petit mals are different than Grand Mals, you may try Google to get some more informed reading.
Hes a lab shepard mix. And the vet is so high because to just do a fix gotta also jump through other hoops. I do all our shots (cept rabies there is a cheap clinic i hit once a yr) so they need extra for everything. And low cost fixes here are income based. So far hes been fine so maybe a weird one time thing. See how it all goes
German shepherd, Australian shepherd, or other? The Aussies, not sure which lines, have high incidence of epilepsy. Not sure about labs or the various shepherds.
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