Dog Thinks Silkies are Squeaky Toys


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May 20, 2013
So, I have a great dog and a number of chickens. The dog has been around them outside since they were 3 weeks old and feathered enough to be out free ranging. They are now 9 weeks. A couple weeks ago I added a 4 baby silkies, for broodies to use next year. Really never thought a thing about it. Kept them in isolation and then a couple days ago let them out and they've been fine with our chickens. Well yesterday the dog ate one (found a foot that's it). I felt terrible, he never showed any inclination to go after any other chicken, and he's been around ours when they were smaller but there's something about the silkies that gets his prey drive going and I can't recreate it when I'm around.

I've made it so the silkies can't get to where the dog is, but that means they don't get to enjoy the free range life the rest of mine do. I've tried hiding and having them around to catch him, and I can't get him to do it again. I can't fix it if I can't catch him at least starting to do it. The silkies are still very young so this may solve itself with their growth, but I'd really really like to not find another random blue foot.
Smart dog, to know not to eat your chickens when you are watching. Maybe you could let them out while you watch out the window, ready to spring into action if he grabs one. What do you punish your dog with? Newspaper or scolding? Whatever would leave a lasting impression on him, have it handy. Would he be easy to catch if he knows he is in trouble?

I was lucky to catch my dog when he played with his first chicken. He has never done that again.
Well...silkies don't really look like chickens :-D so maybe he's confused.
Did you introduce him to the first chickens and to the new weird looking know a bit of training?
Good Luck!
You may have to wait until the new birds are large enough to fit in with the others that the dog doesn't bother.

My dogs are fascinated with little chicks, but are uninterested in them after they get larger.

We have a dog that though the chicks were toys but she got over it as soon as one pecked her nose and has been a good chicken protector ever since.

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