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    May 21, 2009
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    I have a shepherd mix, she just turned a year old. She might be a GSD mix but looks more like a Kelpie with half floppy ears. I don't know her origins but I know she really wants to herd! We have 4 free range chickens and the rest are in the pen. She is always making circles around them, if she sees me going for one she works the opposite side to pen them in. Sometimes, however, she will go into a full run and bolt after them, running through them and not around. When I go in the pen she paces back and forth and sometimes gets to excited and puts her paws up on it or nips at the chicken closest to her that's in the pen(her outside the pen chicken inside). I have never trained a dog to herd, and have no idea how to start! I am not having much luck on the internet. Book suggestions? or advice? I just need to teach her what is good behavior and what is bad. I want to harness her desire to herd and make it a good thing (chickens, kids, whatever) but don't want her nipping or biting. Any help appreciated!!!
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    You could ask around at your local dog training centers. I am in N Illinois and there is a place I went to on the boarder of WI that does herding training. It's a lot of fun, they use geese at first until your dog gets some experience, then they get to do the sheep. I am sure there are other places similar out there that do herding lessons.

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