dog vs. poultry please help!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by jessica32, Mar 6, 2012.

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    Jan 16, 2010
    Hello byc members

    Thanks for checking out this post. I have had chickens for 3 yrs and ducks for 1. I have had dogs the entire time without problem. Last night my Bosten Terrier got into the coop and injured a chicken which later died. I reinforced the coop door but, tonight she got in again and injured a duck. I think he will survive. I realize now that I can't let my dogs out unattended until I get the coop entrance fixed better but can I break my dogs of poultry chasing/injuring/killing? I have 2 dogs. The BT and a boxer mix. I have always known they would kill the poultry given the chance but until now they had no real chance. They are both adults and have never been around farm animals until I got them. I know I probably won't ever be able to trust them completely around my chickens and ducks but is there a way to teach them some manners, respect andtolerance? Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, Jessica
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    It's really no different from any other dog training. Put them on a leash, teach them voice commands such as "leave it." Reward them with hugs or a treat when they get it right, which is really the only way a dog knows it has done what you want. And dogs love to please their owners. No, it's likely you will never be able to trust them around your birds now. I have two dogs who are fine around the chickens, and one who is not.
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    short leash, plenty of corrections + consistency.
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    Terriers are a tough breed to break of chasing/killing small animals. After all, they were originally bred to do just that. I would bring in a professional trainer unless you feel up to the task, which is going to be a difficult task, indeed.

    I had a few issues with my dogs that I couldn't work out on my own. Fortunately, neither one had issues with the birds, but I couldn't break them of their bad habits (one liked to wander, one was awful on a leash). We had a trainer show up once. He gave us ideas of how to manage the problems, and within a few weeks both dogs were cured. It was the best thing we could have done.

    Good luck.

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