Dog waterers and how to clean the bottles

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    We have one of those waterers for our dog that you fill the 5 gallon water bottle. The kind that you tip over. She can drink that much water in a few days but at the bottom there is pink algae growing in it. I can't seem to figure out how to clean the bottle out. What do you all do? A baby bottle brush is too short and can't twist around the edges. I filled it with a solution of bleach and water and let it sit but that didn't help either. So, now I"m filling a bowl lots and lots and lots and lots. I want the bottle system back in order. I know others have these water bottle setups.
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    I have those too and to clean them I put a bunch of ice cubes and crushed ice, and a little water then just shake and swirl it around until clean. Then rinse with hot water. I also do this with my plastic chicken waterers.
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    duct tape a dowel rod to the bottle brush - extend the handle [​IMG]

    eta - for the twisting stuff (to get the corners) use an unwound metal clothes hanger, instead - so you can bend it to get to the tough areas.

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