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  1. hey all! there is this dog who keeps coming into our backyard. i know he isn't a chicken or a danger but i need to know how to get rid of him. he is a pug and really nice and he has a collar. HE is driving me nuts whimpering!! he keeps getting in our fence somehow and i put him tout and he gets back in! here he is again!!
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  2. he has comem in again like 5 times now and now its 6...
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    Put him in your garage and call his owner or call animal control...
  4. we are way out here in the country and animal control won't be out here for hours and his tag doesn't give a number. we can't put him in our garage bc its really junked up and with his energy things will go flying. we are hoping he will go home. I'm worn out! i have tried everything but what works apparently![​IMG]
  5. put him in an old kennel going to let him off by the road where he looks like he came from. hopefully this works!
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    Personally, I think dumping him off on the road is irresponsible. Not only are you taking a chance on him getting hit (and suffering unnecessarily), you could potentially cause an accident by someone driving fast, not seeing the dog in time, swerving to avoid him and ending up rolling their car. Why not take him to the home where you think he came from? Then you could talk to the owners and tell them that he's been visiting. Maybe he's lost. How far from town do you live? Too far to take him to whatever agency in town handles strays? (20 miles from me - local PD runs the pound)
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    Don't call animal control. [​IMG] If they can't find his owner or someone doesn't come in that wants to adopt it they might put him to sleep. Just put him out of his yard and ignore him. If it keeps on see if you can find someone who wants to give him a home.
  8. i couldn't ditch him! he grew on me and we don't have anyone going around on our roads. but i did go up to our neighbor who never goes anywhere and could use a buddy, and he got attached immediately! he took him in for the night " so that coyotes couldn't get him". but i knew it wasn't that, he knew he loved the thing. I'm pretty sure though tomorrow he will go find his home again!
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    Maybe someone already dumped the dog on the side of the road? And they dumped him on you.

    Maybe if the little guy will bark when other animals come around he can warn you of any danger to your flock.
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    Thank you for not ditching him! [​IMG] Poor little guy was probably hungry and lonely when he showed up at your place. I'm glad your neighbor took him in for the night. (Maybe he'll get even more attached and be willing to give him a home)

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