Doggie Door on Coop, is it possible?

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    Apr 13, 2014
    Hi there, this may have been asked before but could not find a reference.
    Our coop has a built-in run, all self contained and pest proof (hand construction, not a kit). Our 5 hens seem to prefer to sleep outside rather then retire to the coop at night (there are roosting poles inside). As winter draws near I am thinking about installing a doggie door (flap type) at the coop entrance so the hens can come and go as they please day or night without me having to force them inside the coop with a locked door. This way they can still go inside on cold nights with the "flap" keeping in the heat. Not sure if the hens are capable of pushing the flap open to get in? Anyone have this kind of set up? All ideas appreciated, thanks!
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    Dec 21, 2010
    Interesting idea but I have no idea if they would or could use such a flap door. I have seen chickens go through more of a fabric curtain over the front of a nest box. Another option might be to just create a wind break in front of the door that still leaves plenty of room for the chickens to go in and out - might have to have a small porch at the door and then the ramp going off one side but this would allow you to put a barrier of some sort on two sides to keep the wind out.

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