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    Jan 4, 2008
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    I went out last night, after dark, to close the chicken door between the run and the coop. I suppose my run is predator proof enough, that I could leave the chicken door open, but I don't want to take any chances. Well to my surprise, the chicken door was already closed...oops..I had forgotten to open it up again after I had gone in to collect eggs in the later afternoon. I close it when I enter the coop, as my fox terrier usually accompanies me, and I don't want him get through into the run, and scaring the girls.

    Well this was the first time ever the hens had to settle down in the run, and as there is no roost, they decided to use each other to sit on. There they were, like a little pyramid, all piled on one another. It sure looked funny!

    I turned the light on in the coop, and the top birds all hopped off and headed into the coop. I guess the bottom birds may have been a little cramped up, as I had to lift them each in through the chicken door. They all soon settled on the roost, and looked none the worst for wear...

    I did feel pretty bad about my goof up. [​IMG] Oh well, live and learn...
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    :)Bill -

    That would have been an interesting picture to post! [​IMG]

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