dogs again, chicken with internal bleeding?

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    I have dealt with lot of wounds on chickens but have no clue about internal trauma. Another dog attack (my dogs, again) no external injuries but after pooping on my mom (normal looking) I see fresh blood on her vent, thick half clotted looking. She is in shock, panting, but walking well. Could the bleeding be a symptom of shock or is it internal damage? what should I do if anything?
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    Jan 27, 2014
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    It might not be 'internal' need to clean her up real good and look very closely to pinpoint where all the wounds are. Clean all the wounds with Betadine solution, and then spray with Vetericyn Spray to help her heal. Isolate her in a dog crate with her own water/feed and watch closely.

    I seem to recall your posting when you had your dog attack your chickens before (?). So.....what are you plans now that he's done it again?
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    It was ducks that where attacked yesterday. Both dogs to blame. The ones been with the birds nearly 3 years no problems and the other for 4 months no problems. Step one the ducks will not be free ranging for now step 2 dog will not be out unsupervised if the chickens are free ranging. Step 3 retraining....
    In the past I did lose chickens to my parents dogs, they are penned dogs and the birds they killed had gotten into their pen ( we share property) That was rectified after discovering how the birds where entering the pen.
    Any way as I said the hen has no wounds. The attack was stopped swiftly. Some spitty feathers but no wounds. Her vent in intact but bleeding a little and what blood is there is very thick. She is in a crate in the coop. Any thoughts?
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    Well the hen appears to be perfectly fine this morning. I let her out, and will keep my eye on her. I'm guessing the blood was a result of trauma like you see in mammals. I just don't know....
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    Hens free ranging now. Like nothing happened.

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