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    I'm going to be getting some pullets soon- I'm new to back yard chicken keeping, and recently rescued a 15-20 month old great preyneese/lab??? Mix (we think Jan, not sure) anyway I'm wondering what is the best way to introduce him to "his" pullets? He chases birds out of our yard, and there's even a rooster in our alley that came in our yard one day and my dog chased him out. Is there hope, for him to be their protector? That's really why we got him was to watch our flock. But I'm really nervous now. Any tips and advice?!? We also have 2 older pitbulls. Oh and I have a cockatiel in my home with all the dogs as well (caged) and they don't bother him. Thanks!
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    My dog used to be a chicken KILLER, and when i say chicken killer i mean it we didn't have chickens yet when he killed them he killed our neighbors chickens . . . poor things :( Anyway about 3 or 4 years ago we got 6 hens from our friends and one of the hens ( a mean one) showed him who was boss and now he PROTECTS the chickens. Read this link and it might helphttp:
    // i don't know if it will help so just let me know if it doesn't work.
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    Labs and Great Pyrs can stay silly teen dogs for longer than some other breeds. This dog is a teenager and probably not ready to be serious yet. I would put the birds in an enclosure he can't get into and then put him outside the closure where he can watch them. I would also get ahold of some Great Pyr people online and explain your situation so they can give you further tips. You have a teenage dog 1/2 of whose heritage is to protect livestock and 1/2 of whose heritage is o carry them in its mouth. Should be interesting.
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