Dogs got almost all of my turkeys.

Lu King

11 Years
Dec 9, 2008
On the Titanic
Two huge pit bulls broke into my turkey pen that was made out of boards and wire. I had two girls and three boys. Now, I have only one girl who was in a pen closer to the house. The pit bulls pulled the wire away from the boards that the wire was attached easy feat .......they were strong dogs.

I love turkeys and will get more.
That's terrible!
I'm so sorry!

Do you know the dogs owner?
Oh thats terrible !!!!!! They weren't your dogs were they? Someone's dogs would come up missing if that happened to me. My dogs don't bother my birds and they'd only do it once if they ever tried and I caught them.
I am soooooo sorry for your loss.
That happened to me once. Fortunately they only killed one, but seriously injured another (my favorite) who miraculously survived. The dogs came back the next day. My DH ran them out of here in a less-than-friendly way and called the owners. By God's grace, they haven't been back.

Again, so very sorry for your loss.
Thank you. I'm sorry that you had this happen to you too. I'll get more turkeys, but it won't be the same. I know that I will love the new turkeys too, but the turkeys that were killed was my first ones, and that is something special to me.

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