Dogs killed 2 of my chickens

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by twinmom+1VT, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. twinmom+1VT

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    Mar 22, 2010
    I have (had) 6 laying hens who I free range on my property. We live on a farm with about 135 acres and the chickens always stick near the house or barn, especially now with the ground covered with snow. My dogs were outside but I called them in since I thought they were barking at our goat. A few minutes later I noticed a Husky and a Shepard mix on our property. I knew immediately that some chickens were dead. I just knew a Husky would go after them. I chased the dogs away, and went out and found one live chicken huddled in the corner on our porch, I then found 2 dead chickens in the barn (one, my favorite and best egg layer, was a beautiful and sweet Golden Comet, the other an Aurucana). I couldn't see any of the other chickens and just assumed they were dead. I brought the one live chicken back in the house with me and called my neighbor to warn her about these dogs. My husband then came home and started following the dog tracks in an effort to find these dogs. He found them in our neighbors barn attacking one of her adult ewes who was injured but might survive. We found out later in the day that the dogs had attacked and fatally injured 3 pigs on a farm down the road from us. The farmer shot one of the dogs when it turned and growled at him. The husky then came back up the road to our barn. Fortunately I had found 2 more live chickens but was still missing a 3rd. I had secured everyone in the coop and also brought our friends horse and goat in the barn. We later found the 3rd chicken but she is quite injured and I'm not sure she'll make it. I have her in the basement in a dog crate but she has a large wound on her back. The husky is still at large but the State Trooper told us it would be destroyed when they found it. All in all very sad, for the animals that were killed and also for the dogs.
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    Nov 7, 2010
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    aww I am sorry, that is very sad. I live out in the country, have 13 acres out in the woods, I have quite a few dogs, but my yard is fenced and they are not allowed to roam at will just because I live out in the country. I wish others would not think that it was ok to let their dogs run loose...*sigh*
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    May 8, 2010
    I am so sorry to hear your story. I've lost 2 EE's to a dog and had an attack on my leghorn bird last evening. I suspect another dog. People just don't understand what their free-roaming canines do!
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    Any dog or predator of any kind going after my critters meets its maker, end of story. There are many dogs in there area that come to play with my dog. They are all farm dogs and haven't gone after any critters. Not even the newest to the area, a Great Dane pup. He did run for the hills when my young BCM rooters landed on his back. The roo rides the goat all the time. It is funny when he and the goat plays and he is taller than the goat. But the goat sends him flying with a head butt. He doesn't like most of the feral cats around though. The dogs that were killers are now angels or devils, not sure, but they are no longer with the living.

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