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  1. Buttercup902

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    Jun 2, 2014
    Hi all,

    Just checking in for ideas. I have 3 dogs ranging in age from 4 months -3 years. I also have 14, 8 week old Guinea's. It is time to start letting them free range (reason I got them is pest control) but I am nervous about the dogs. I have seen them lunge at them. I KNOW for a fact that they will try to chase them. Which, I am ok with, once they know how to come home to the coop.

    We eventually will get chickens I need to train the dogs.

    Right now, my plan is to open the coop, and have all dogs on leash. Keep them down in calm relaxed state (attempt to anyway).

    Any other ideas and thoughts? thxs.
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    I have done it. You are biting off a lot but can be done. Odds are your younger dogs will biggest challenge. Be prepared to invest in effort and fencing. Cards are stacked against you if not enough space.
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  4. Buttercup902

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    Jun 2, 2014
    Ugh...well I hope I can do it. I dont want to have fence the birds or the dogs. Time will tell.
  5. Duke6017

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    Sep 13, 2013
    Its really not that hard. I have coonhounds, and they are bred to chase, track and kill if need be. They do not hurt my chickens. Buy an Ecollar for the dog and give them a correction each time they show interest in the birds. At my house the chickens chase the dogs, not the dogs chasing the chickens.
  6. CrazyTalk

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    Jun 10, 2014
    My advice is to work with one dog at a time - you'll do more damage than good trying to control multiple dogs - an important part of training dogs is avoiding situations where you know they're going to fail - and one person with 3 dogs and new squeaky toys is one of those situations.
  7. LanceTN

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    Aug 31, 2014
    Work one dog at a time.

    First you need to make sure you're in charge of your dog. When you take them for a walk are they next to you or behind you and not pulling on the leash? Or are they in front of you pulling you along? If it's the later you need to fix that first, if the dog doesn't think you're in charge it doesn't care if you don't want it to hurt chickens.

    Keep them on a leash and start out just walking them passed the chickens. Pay no attention to the chickens yourself and correct the dog with a quick tug of the leash whenever they pay any attention to the chicken. Do this until they can walk on leash next to you without acknowledging the chickens.

    Then do the same thing except walk through where the flock is, increasing the dogs exposure. When you can walk through the flock without the dog doing anything you've made more progress.

    Next keep the dog on leash with you while you hangout with the birds. Just wander around the flock, give them some food etc. Correct any attention the dog pays to the birds.

    Lastly put the dog on a long lead, or e collar if you have one, and hangout with the birds. Give them some freedom with the lead to do whatever they do and correct any attention they give the birds you find unacceptable.

    This should work unless your dog has a seriously strong prey drive.
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  8. Buttercup902

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    Jun 2, 2014
    Amazing advice!! Thanks so much!! I will work on it!!

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