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    Oct 31, 2009
    Somerville, AL
    So my birds had been out for about 30 minutes this morning. They range in the woods along the edge of our property. I was sitting at the kitchen table when I see a blur of white coming out of the woods on the tail of my ducks. I grab coat, handgun and boots and dress as I'm running out the door. This is about 150 yards from the house. I fire a shot in the dogs direction as I'm climbing over the fence to at least distract it.

    Then through the woods I go. I got to the back of the property line and see the dog in our back neighbor's pasture (not his dog) I fire another shot and it takes off. I then see the remnants of a chicken. Very little left. As I go closer, I see remnants of another. So I have lost another BO hen and what I think was a blue JG hen.

    I came in and got the car keys to drive around to that side to see if I could find out where the dog went but I didn't see it. It was a Pyrenees and there are a number of them around here. If I knew whose it was I'd go talk to them but I have no idea. When I got home, I got my husband's rifle, dressed more warmly since I'm already sick and headed out to the woods again. Worst part is there is tons of thorny brush there, I'm scared to look at my legs even though I had pants on.

    I can't find 4 of my JG, 3 hens and a roo and I saw one of my EE hens in the woods but she wouldn't come over, everyone else is accounted for. I'm hoping they are just hunkered down somewhere. Now I need to figure out where I'm going to let the birds roam. It sucks being on land that they can't use because of predators. I'm somewhat understanding of hawks and coyotes, though I would kill a coyote but domestic dogs killing my birds is intolerable for me. This is the second time someone's dogs have gotten onto the property and killed a few of my birds. It seems like this dog came across about 10 acres to enter our property.

    So, tomorrow morning, I'm caging a hen and gonna sit out in the woods and hope the dog comes back. For the last time.

    I really needed to vent.
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  2. Fred's Hens

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    Dogs, especially when they "pack up" to do damage?

    Around here we say, "A dog on it's own property is a pet. A dog on someone else's property is a predator."

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    Oct 31, 2009
    Somerville, AL
    I agree.

    If I had found out where the dog lived, I would have spoken to the owner letting them know that if it comes again, its not coming home. After the last time, we spoke to the sheriff's office, just to check what our rights are, and it is a felony here for people to let their dogs roam if they kill livestock.
    We are new here, about 7 months and we rent and are not going to be staying forever so I could care less if we burn bridges with neighbors.

    On a + note, I went out to redo a head count and look for the missing and I found 2 more of my JG hens in the woods, though I couldn't get to them.
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    I feel for you - dogs can be the worst. They don't have the fear that coyotes or foxes have who will usually snatch one and run. Dogs stay and often will kill every bird. Hope you find the culprit and get some restitution!
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    I would stop using that shotgun and get a Ruger 10/22.
  6. jdywntr

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    Oct 31, 2009
    Somerville, AL
    Well, I found all of the survivors. I lost the BO hen and one of my JG roos. I guess I can let roo #3 out of his bachelor pen now. I am still undecided what to do. (Not about the dog, but the chickens)
    They are miserably pacing back and forth trying to get out of the run. I am hoping that the dog comes back in the morning. What makes me so mad is this dog came across at least 10 acres of pasture (depending on where it entered) before entering our property. Its not like it's the neighbors dog and happened to see/hear the birds. If it comes in the morning and I get it then I don't need to be concerned about what to do. If it doesn't I need to decide where to move the fencing to so that the birds can range a bit. The woods were nice because we have mostly open pasture here and a number of hawks in the area.
  7. Mattemma

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    Aug 12, 2009
    I would recommend not saying anything.Why tell them what they already know? It just puts YOU on the radar when the dog does not come home,and they will harass YOU. Even a few days with a NFH can be to much,and sometimes they are nutty enough to kill. Just take care of the problem quietly and move on.

    I don't care if the dog was just doing what it does.If people are foolish enough to let it roam then OH WELL.Sorry for your losses.
  8. Everyone to his own thing but if I were considering doing anything to protect my birds my neighbors would be the last I would let in on the secret. Let them whistle and wonder.
  9. jdywntr

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    Oct 31, 2009
    Somerville, AL
    Well, yesterday afternoon I was outside and saw the dog in our neighbor's pasture with something buff colored in it's mouth. I drove over and it indeed had the carcass of my BO. Unfortunately, these neighbor's don't live on their property and it is completely pasture and the highest point in the area. I took pictures of the dog with my bird then hollered at it to get and I followed it home. Nobody was there but at least I know whose it is. These are the same people whose 2 dogs came into our pasture 4 months ago and killed some of my chickens and it may be the same dog, though I can't say 100%. So, I called my landlord to get their phone # but haven't gotten the number yet.

    I don't want to leave my birds locked up all the time. Their run is 40x50' but you should hear them. I thought for sure the dog would be back this morning with all of the commotion. I did go out to the woods for about 30 min at about the same time of yesterday's incident but no dog. I know the dog will come back but I can't be out in the woods all morning all the time. I know that if I talk to them at least the problem will be resolved for a while.

    My other option is to call the sheriff. That I think would piss people off but then maybe they'd actually follow through.

    I do know that if/when the dog comes back, instead of firing a shot to scare it off, I'll call it over and shoot it. It came to me yesterday but not close enough for me to grab it. I was on the street, so shooting it then wasn't legal (I also don't have a permit to carry so I legally can't have the gun in the car)

    Ugh, I'm unsure what to do.
  10. Coupe

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    Feb 22, 2010
    Highland, NY
    I would talk to the owners first, or call the sheriff. You have pictures of the dog with the BO correct? You also know where the dog lives now, so maybe it can be solved before the dog does it again?
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