Domestic and wild turkey ?

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Apr 7, 2011
I'm getting turkey poult this week. I have wild turkeys (Alot of them lol) that live & roost near my house. If I let my turkeys fre range during the day will it attract the wild turkeys closer to my house or vise versa?
It is likely that your poult will try to join the wild flock. They may accept the poult or they may attack it.
NOt an expert but we did attract 3 wild baby females - we believe they were orphaned - they started hanging around our barnyard probably for the feed, we did also have 3 1-2 year-old bourbon reds along with our chickens & ducks, but i don't think your domestics will be enticed away from the feed, security & routine of your barnyard. More likely the wild ones would get curious or desparate and come to your barnyard. 2 of the 3 overwintered in our barn, got covered by our BR tom, and since the thaw would come in only at night, and since the last 3 weeks have not been seen at all so we hope to see them in a month with babies in tow, or else they may rejoin a wild flock, or else they may fall victim to predators. Anyway i don't believe your domestics will stray unless they aren't getting fed, or unless they don't have good barnyard routines established early on.
If your range is fenced, it is likely you will have wild turkeys hanging around in the spring. I had two hens that were around for days at a time this spring. I even had someones feral standard bronze hen come and visist!
has long as your tom has has lady friends he will stay around. but in my case my two hens went broody and starting sitting my tom left with a flock of wild turkeys. has been seen once in two weeks. will he make it or come back home. i can only hope.
You need to also check with your parks & wildlife. Some states will fine you, BIG, for having freerange turkeys mixing with the wild population. It makes the mix breeds slower, heavier, dumber and unable to escape predators, destroying the wild population.

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