Domestic goose?

Discussion in 'Geese' started by yoie, Sep 24, 2011.

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    The past few weeks I have noticed an all white goose (fairly large) hanging out behind our Target at the runoff pond, along with a female mallard. They are all alone, no other geese or ducks and they just stay right there. The goose doesn't look like the snow geese, so I am guessing its a domestic goose of some type. I don't have geese, so I don't really know the breeds to well. But it is fairly large, solid white with a bright orange beak. Fairly upright stance. If it is a domestic goose, what should I do? The weather here is starting to cool down and I keep thinking about the goose and the little mallard.
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    Quote:well you could try to find a rehaber in your area that might take them in or you could try to befriend them and take them home. They most likely were dumped together and will starve if not taken care of. If you can take some feed down there you might be surprised how quickly you can make friends with them, then just move on from there, I rescued some ducks from our river that got dumped, I won them over with food then set up a dog Xpen and started feeding them in it, wasn't long till I was able to catch them and bring them home. and boy were they hungry.

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