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  1. We have a female mallard duck that we raised from a baby. She is now grown and very attached to the collie that raised her..but she thinks she's a dog so we would like to get her a mate.

    Is it possible for us to get a duckling and have her raise it and then allow him to be her mate?

    Or would we have to raise him separately and then introduce him as an adult?

    Is it guaranteed that they will even form a bond?

    We want her to be able to interact with another duck. She never leaves the yard though she could anytime she wants and she even makes cute nests and lays eggs, though she's never even seen another duck. She and the dog are inseparable.

    If we get a duck will she bond with him the same way she has with the dog? Or will she forever believe that the dog is her mate?

    Thanks in advance
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    you will need to raise the drake and introduce as an adult

    and no there is no garuntee that they will pair up

    but chances are high

    this is the reason why its said clearly

    fowl are flocking birds and need flock mates

    never buy a single bird and who ever sold you a single bird is a irresponsible keeper and seller
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    1. Yes that;s fine. Just wait until she's broody and you can try to slip the duckling under her.

    2.. You can but that's going to be more work on you and it would be easier to make sure they get along if he's raised by her.

    3. It's not set in stone but yes they will most likely form a connection. However, you must remember unlike Wild Mallards most of them do not pair up for breeding.

    4. The dog is not her mate. It's her flockmate. She sees him as part of her flock/ Domestic ducks rarely actually form pairs. That is more common for geese.

  4. She is wild. We found her all by herself on a construction site when she was about 4 weeks old..she has wild instincts. This is why I wondered if bringing in a domestic would be a good thing or a bad thing. Thanks for your answers.
  5. The second answer is completely opposite of the first..who is right? Also I keep seeing they won't pair up?? I thought ducks were monogamus?
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    You might want to be careful posting such information. Keeping any bird from the Wild is illegal and can result in a hefty fine.
    I can only say from my own personal experience from raising Mallards. Yes some duck species are monogamous but I do not believe Mallards are.
  7. Well I may add that we are not keeping her from anything or anywhere. Her wings are not clipped and she does not live confined in anything. She is free to go wherever she wants we just raised her and kept her from being eaten by foxes or any other dangers that could harm her when she was young. She is growing very attached to the other animals that hang out at the house including 2 dogs 3 cats and several kittens. she is also very trusting of people and would probably never make it in the wild if she did fly away.
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    I need to sell a mate Peking and mallard and one of there bonded with humans and my dog it's about 8 weeks. I also need a price to sell them. The little one doesn't interact with ducks more so the dog. Live in MD. It's got more mallard markings..
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    Hi so I have ten duck eggs mallard and they are already half way developed and this is my first day getting them. They are kind of moving but I don't know how to know when to put them in lockdown any tips please.

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