Domestic rat markings

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    Dec 13, 2014
    Hi, I thought everyone at byc is so knowledgable you might be able to help me.
    We have a few rats, originally bought to breed for my husbands snakes, the last few litters though seem to be throwing more colour than pew.
    Our male is black and white so not surprising but the trouble I'm having is I don't know what classification these guys fall under
    This is mum (yes she's an Aussie lol)
    This is her second litter, well she did get pregnant at about 4 months old but then one day she was thin again and no babies, she was in with her sister who had babies a few days before this so I just left her to help raise them, I always separate a few days before due now. Any who! The black one is a copy of dad, I always get one in every litter with either the spot or the blaise but this is the first time I've gotten spots, but not enough spots to call Dalmatian so what do I call them!
    Can get more photos if that helps
  2. DylansMom

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    Jan 10, 2014
    Adorable! [​IMG]

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