Dominique, Barred Rock and/or Cuckoo Maran... maybe?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Chickybaby, Nov 5, 2008.

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    Mar 28, 2008
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    [​IMG] Okay, several months back a neighbor and good friend gifted me 4 Dominiques. We could tell one roo right away even though they were really young. One was much darker than the others, and smaller. One had little spikes on it's comb. As time went by, it became obvious that instead of having a trio of pullets we actually had 3 roos. The one with the little spikes is one, absolutely. I think he's a Barred Rock, not Dominique, because of the comb. What do you think? [​IMG]

    The one that we first knew was a roo (Quincy), I think is a Dominique...

    The next one (Screech) I also think is a Dominique... he's with Rocky (the BR roo) and Suspect, my pride and joy Lt Brahma here...

    And just so you can see his comb, here is Screech...

    Okay, so my friends were SO upset about the whole 3 roo thing, they gifted me a pair of Dominique pullets - seen here with Quincy...

    Then, I noticed that their legs are blue/grey and not yellow like the cockerels (the one on the left is a roo with yellow legs)...

    So, what is up with this? Have I got 3 kinds of barred birds or am I just imagining it?
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    As I understand it, some Dominiques can have single combs. I bought a Dominique at a feed store expecting her to have a rose comb. She has dark gray legs with some pink on the back. At 3 weeks of age, she looks like she'll have a single comb. I'm just hoping she is really a "she".

    I also have some cuckoo marans chicks, and one is clearly a roo. I could tell at two weeks, and I'm new at this.

    Can you post pix with more detail?
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    Nov 28, 2008
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    Not Sure...

    Very hard to tell between the 3.

    But I do know, if they lay darker eggs, they're most likely Cuckoo Marans.

    Yes, I know I'm only 11, but still, I know a lot about these things. XD

    Besides, there's not MUCH difference between a BR and a Dom.
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    Quote:Barred Rocks will have single combs where as a Dominique will have a rose comb.

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