Dominique? Gender?


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Mar 17, 2018
5ABDA986-6E1D-41B9-B318-F951C8F88E60.jpeg 7E7F5DA4-E24F-438E-8265-6D69D44EFBC3.jpeg CDA9DEB5-74A4-4FBF-8337-C3339E06052E.jpeg F49C8757-1C26-4B65-9F5C-FAFD0553AD16.jpeg I thought this was a Cuckoo Maran, but it has a pea comb. It’s 6 weeks today. I was thinking Dominique? Also, any guesses on gender? I read that their combs can start to redden early, even in pullets. It’s such a sweet bird. Thanks in advance!
Looks like you have a Dominique pullet. They have Rose combs. This is what my Dominique cross Cockerels looked like at 6 weeks (the barred chicks). Their combs were much redder and their wattles were bigger.
BC-Dom chicks 6 weeks.jpg

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