Dominique; HELP! Is it pullet or roo?!


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9 Years
Jun 4, 2010
Okay, so I've been really back and forth with this bird!
It has the black wash down the front of the legs like what I thought only females had but its coloring seems lighter like a males. Can anybody help me please! This little one was born on May 14, 2010 so it's just now 4 weeks old. Here are the pics of it today (6/12/10):


And here is another one from a slightly different angle, these little ones are hard to get clear pics of!!!


I need LOTS of opinions so bring 'em on guys!!! Thanks SOOOO much!!!
IF you have more than one it is really easy to tell. Just put them together and all the boys are way lighter than the girls. I'm also gonna vote roo on this one.
Thats what I was thinking too, but the darkness on the front of the legs is throwing me off.
it's a boy. I've found that the barring is a much stronger clue to sex than the leg color, everyonce in a while you'll get a wild card that doesn't go with the flow. But with the amount of red already showing on his comb I'm 100% with the roo vote.

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