Dominique of the year! Ends November 5th, 2011 WINNERS ANNONCED!


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Welcome to the dominique of the year contest!

Contest ONLY for dominiques!
You may post only ONE dominique!
1-3 pics per contestant!
Dominique must be 15+ weeks of age!
Dominique must be fully feathered!
Must be your dominique, or one you use to have.
Have fun!!

Judges will judge on beauty, health, friendliness, and the dominiques story.

Roosters and hens are aloud! There are two categories:


You do not need to mention what categorie your chicken is in, because we can easily tell.

Please fill this form out:

BYC username:
Name of your dominique (if named):
Age of dominique (if known):
A short story about your dominique:

There will be a free year membership to the Dominique Club of America as prize for grandwinner, if the winner already has this membership, then it will be issued next year to him/her.

For the winner of the hen's the prize will be: Free edited entered photo's of their hens.

For the winner of the rooster's the prize will be: Free edited entered photo's of their roosters.

If you would like to be a judge, just PM me. Judges are aloud to enter but can not choose themselves.

END DATE IS: November 5th, 2011

Have fun!
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