Dominique rooster free to an approved home in Maine

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    May 18, 2012
    Hi - We have a beautiful Dominique rooster that is about 4 months old. I got eggs from a breeder and hatched him and his siblings, so he wasn't hatchery stock. I have his brother, who I am keeping for breeding. I have a small flock, and can't keep two roosters.
    If you have a small free-range flock flock and would like to breed Dominiques, he is gorgeous. I will try to load pictures if anyone responds and wants to see him.
    He has been mildly aggressive with my 4yo daughter, but as roosters go, he is calm, lets me pick him up - has been handled A Lot
    since he was little. His personality is goofy and sweet. His name is Reuben.
    I will not ship him, sorry - so you would have to live close enough to drive and pick him up.
    I think he would be great for someone who wants to preserve this breed - but I will really need to see pictures of your coop /yard/and chickens. Hope you understand!
    Thanks for reading!

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