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    I have been increasing my flock of Dominiques to use as breeders to hatch some sexlinks and this will be the second season. The plan was to raise these offspring and keep track of their longevity and production, but along with not having enough room and the demand, I ended up selling all my sexlink chicks, cockerels and all. Some of the last hatch of the year ended up with a good friend so he is keeping track of them pullets. These were a result or some nice breeder type RIR roosters over a good line of doms, also breeder birds. So my concern was their laying ability. Though the doms are good layers of medium eggs, the strain of RIRs were just average. So far the pullets have been laying pretty close to an egg a day. A little unique, a sexlink with a rose comb and body type like the Dom with the deep orange eyes and feathering somewhat like the RIR.[​IMG]

    One of my red sexlink pullets


    Note the horn colored legs and the dark eyes.

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