dominiques broody?

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  1. lane_ross363

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    Feb 17, 2008
    thanks for all the help with my question about dominiques!!! I ordered 15! 12 pulleys and 3 roosters. I'm REALLY EXCITED as my last hens (polish varieties) were killed when a racoon got into their pen, and they werent tame, either. My question is whether they will be broody... I read on that hatcery bred doms aren't. Also, I bought broiler booster, avia charge 2000, and grow gel plus. Is it okay to mix broiler booster and avia charge, as the latteris organic in composition and the latter is chemical? Also, I will be raising them in an area that last year housed PERFECTLY HEALTHY ducklings. It aired out all summer, and I cleared the last year bedding out yesterday and hosed the house down. I plan on putting lots of bedding(good hay... Raised poultry for years as has my grandmother and we've always used hay). Will this be a problem or will I need to spray it down in bleach water? At what age do I need to provide roosts? Thanks!!!
  2. lane_ross363

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    Feb 17, 2008
    ps I purchased from cackle!
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    I've done quite a bit of research on Dominique's, as they and Sussex are what I plan to get once I get moved, and back into chickens.
    They are supposed to be good brooders and mothers.

    here are some Dominique links

    feathersite and hendersons are also good sites

    Hope that helps
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    I had a Dom that hatched some Ameraucanas last year. She raised them perfectly. She wouldnt get off the nest until I gave her something to hatch either. I gave her to a friend, who I believe is a member on this site!

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