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    Jul 15, 2013
    Starke, Florida
    I`m looking for a Dominique roo and a couple Dom hens within reasonable driving distance of Starke, Florida. For those who don`t know where Starke is we are about 20 min. north of Gainesville on 301. Looking for quality but not able to pay show bird prices, retired last year. If I can`t get Dominiques I will be looking for Barred rock roo and hens. Want to raise chicks the natural way, don`t want to mess with incubator or brooder. My chickens free range on over 3 safe acres. Oh yea I almost forgot, rooster MUST be people friendly because I have grandkids that spend alot of time here.
    Been a member here for three years, this is my first post. They would not let me post in the buy an sell.
    If your in my area and need any help with coop construction or other farm related things contact me, like I said i`m retired now and like to stay busy.

    Bill Stone

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