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Dominiques usually come in LF/Standard size.

They're an old (originally game) breed of chicken that come in a barred coloration, have a pea comb, and a very "strutting" posture. However, hatchery Dominques sadly look identical to hatchery Barred Rocks except for the comb.




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Quote:I agree with everything you said but one thing, They have a Rose Comb not a Pea Comb.



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Quote:I agree with everything you said but one thing, They have a Rose Comb not a Pea Comb.


That is correct. Dominique's are America's first breed as many know, with influences most probably from Dorkings, Hamburgs and some other old-world breeds. They most commonly come in Barred, although white is not unheard of (sports from barred flocks).

There are both Dominique bantams and standards. I only have standards.

Originally they were a dual-purpose breed, much lighter and gamier then modern strains. Their backs, put simply should be almost like one continuous curve, not flat like a Rock. I personally like a fan-tail rather then a pinch tail, though the breeder's preference may vary.

Their comb is rose, and again it depends so much on the strain - some have huge almost to their eyes, while other have very small.

My Dominique's have never attacked me, they are a little less cocky then my other breeds. I have six right now in a brooder, and normally any birds I have in a brooder would not notice me for up to two weeks when I enter the room, but the second day these Dominique's notice me whenever I come in and they run under their heat lamp. They also are a lot sturdier and more mobile faster then any other breed I've raised.

My hen's lay well, one pen with 4 hens averages 3 eggs a day, though again if the strain is leaned more towards meat or is just crappily bred this can vary. The hens are friendly though, will eat a wider range of natural foods then my others, and are easy to handle.

An all around great breed.

Oh, and in winter they are quite hardy too. Their rose combs rarely if ever freeze like single-comb breeds. This also leads to them panting excessively during the 3-4 hottest weeks of summer though.

Just a quick overview of them, hope that helps you. If you want to know anything else let me know!



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Quote:NYREDS, same to you. Did you breed these?

Yes, I have been working on this strain for 6 years now.

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