Donating chicks or hatching eggs to 4H

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  1. I was thinking about donating some silkie chicks or some silkie hatching eggs to the 4H next year. Has anybody else done this? I asked last year and they said they weren't doing any in school hatching projects. But don't the kids raise birds to show in the fairs.
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    maybe contact the county extension office. they might be more able to help. the hatching eggs our local school do are usually a barnyard mix, nothing anyone is planning to show unless they already show.
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    Some counties have dedicated 4-H poultry clubs, some do not. You'll need to contact the agent in charge of 4-H in your county to see if there are any kids doing poultry projects and whether they would be interested in the eggs. The kids may already have birds or there may be some that are looking. Embryology is a project book in itself.
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    Depends on the particular 4H club. The ones in my county only do showmanship, although I've been told they have incubators for hatching projects. But that was from someone not involved in poultry 4H. I've provided eggs for hatching to several schools (one nearly very year). However, I ask for the chicks to be returned to me. I have a problem with hatching projects where there is no plan for the chicks once the classroom is finished with them. Obviously raising poultry to show as a 4H project is much longer term, and there is a plan for the birds, so that would not be an issue for me.

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