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As some of you may know, our beloved moderator Sumi went missing a few weeks ago. About a dozen of us were frantically working to try and get in touch with her, but to no avail. We were worried sick about her, and her 13 year old son.

We don't want to go into too many details (unless we hear from her that it's ok), but we found out today that a few weeks ago she was hit with a major medical condition that landed her in the hospital. While we're now able to finally breathe a slight sigh of relief knowing at least SOMETHING about her situation, she's still not out-of-the-woods.

The BYC staff discussed how to best support this AMAZING member of our community. As you all hopefully know, we have a strict rule about not asking for charitable donations... well, we all decided (and something I can do since I own this site ;) ) to break the rule this one time in 12.5 years.

Sumi has been such an amazing member, friend, and support to our community. In efforts to get away from a bad situation, she and her son moved to Ireland without really knowing anyone or having a job lined up. She's in a pretty isolated area and has loved being able to associate with our community here. She could definitely use all the help we can provide to show our appreciation and support for her!

We looked at lots of options, but decided to go with a well-known entity to process this: Paypal. The funds will go directly into her Paypal account (that she's used within the last few weeks, so I know it's working). We chose this over other "crowdsourcing" tools since it has the lowest (by far) fees, and is dead-simple.

Please click the image or link below and donate what you can. Also please leave her a nice note when processing the donation, and feel free to copy the note as a reply here as a way to publicly acknowledge her awesomeness and to keep this thread actively bumped :)

We love you Sumi and hope for a very FULL and speedy recovery!


NOTE: You do NOT need to have a Paypal account. You can pay via credit card, etc. if you look for something like "Change Payment Method":


We look forward to your posts of gratitude, support, and encouragement as she goes through this process!!
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