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  1. 5 year old Male donkey for sale. He is skittish but very friendly. We cannot afford to take care of him anymore since My husband is now out of work due to medical condition and I also cannot work, pregnancy and medical condition. I will NOT allow him to be shipped and I do not have a trailor so that is for the buyer to arrange.
  2. ranchhand

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    Aug 25, 2008
    Pick up WHERE????? [​IMG] ?
  3. Sorry, this is my first time doing this, LOL.
    We are in Lake Butler, Florida. PM me for address ONLY if you want to come and get him. My husband wants $500 for him but we need to sell him fast, we have no $$ to feed him!
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    just for starters- we picked up a pair of donkeys ...tame and driving broke ... in georgia for 350. So you may want to adjust your price a bit if you're in such a bind.
  5. Quote:That's why I told hubby to bring his price down. Im asking for people to NAME their price if they want him. He is NOT broken at all. We tried but don't have all the time to work with him on a daily base.
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