Don't buy live animals for Easter!

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so many "easter" animals end up as throw-away pets.
Agreed! If you want something cute, fuzzy, and maintenance free, get a stuffed toy. Live animals aren't good gifts.
Here Here! I soooo want to scream that everytime I am in TSC and see some small child convince a grandparent that they need a chick, duck, or bunny. I even tried to intervene last year with a woman buying her son one chick. I said "They have a minimun limit of 6" Didn't phase her! She left with one chick, no heat lamp. Poor chick was probably dead before they got it home.....Hopefully not but......

Unless you plan on giving them a forever home with everything that goes along with caring for them.

I total agree with this regarding every animal...and sometimes thinks humans need to hear this about their offspring as well, but thats a whole other subject.
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