Don't know if I should cull this one chick or not.


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Mar 17, 2008
Northern NY
I put some silkie eggs, my mix chick eggs, and some other mix chick eggs in the bator. Had 4 dozen eggs and after a week I only had to throw out 6 eggs. Everything was going perfect and then the weekend before last there ended up being 7 kids out here. We told the ones spending the night not to go into this one room that had the bator in it. We've had problems before of the other cousins that use to spend the night opening and closing the lid and bumping the temp. knob. I didn't think any of the other kids came upstairs since they don't normally without asking. I checked the temp. cause it felt hot and it was up to 105. I spent all night trying to adjust the temp. Well my husband's aunt came over that owns the bator adjusted it for me and it had been turned a full turn. I didn't think I'd have any hatch so I got a surprise. I have 16 chicks in the brooder and 4 in the bator. One of the silkies has a curled toe that I'm going to tape straight. Seen another with a crooked toe but walking real good. There were some chicks that had their pip hole started but around 12 hours after I seen the hole they either only cracked about a inch around or the membrane had dried and they couldn't get through it. I helped those which turned out fine. I figured there would of been some problems with the hatches due to the temp. being changed since I've had the problem before. There is one chick that the first time I seen the pip hole looked like it was choking on fluids. Then later after 14 hours I helped it. I leave the back half of the shell on for them to kick it off incase they might have some yolk or blood left. This chick kicked it off a couple hours later or maybe the other chicks run it off. It had the yolk gone but there is a large mass that looks like membrane (I hope it isn't intestines) stuck around where the yolk was. It is about the size of a grape and solid red. I thought it was extra blood but when looking at it has the shape of intestines with a membrane texture around it but solid looking inside. It has dried around the outside of the sack since I seen it moist but it is the same size unlike the rest that assorbed theirs. It stayed moist a long time so I know it just didn't dry up before the chick had time to assorb it The chick just keeps flopping around and barely walking. It also looks very thin. It doesn't look to good but has made it so far. I don't know if I should cull it or not. I'm thinking it was one of those chicks that should of died in the shell. The other ones didn't have any problems that I helped and a couple even kicked the shells off before I was done cracking thier circle around the shell. Another chick hatched out that is a black silkie that looks like it has both feet curled and is flopping around but it might of just been from just hatching unless it was in the egg to long and froze its feet. I'll have to wait on that one before knowing how good of health it is.
Well, I have helped some out and if their egg yolk bag didn't get absorbed in 24 hours, I notice they have problems and I end up culling them anyway.

I would probably give it 24 hours before culling, to see if there is improvement. But if you feel it is suffering and it sounds like it might be, yes cull now. That is a better, less painful death for them.
Put a lock on that door and wear the key, when others visit.
I don't plan to hatch anymore this year but if I do anytime in the future I'll definitely have it away from anyone bothering it. I'm going to have my FIL look at the chick when he gets back. He will be the one to cull it since I couldn't handle doing that. Also going to have him help me with taping the toes on the chicks that need it. He said it probably was one that should of died in the egg. It was around midnight last night that I helped it out and around 2-3 hours later that the shell was off the back end.
My FIL culled it. We had another one with a baby pea sized sack that was doing realy good since the morning. I think one of the chicks in the bator pecked the sack and it burst and the stuff that had gone into the chick spilled out and was dying so he culled it at the same time.
Ya, when they don't get the sack obsorbed that happens. It hurts to have a poor hatch. My last one, my bator was full. We were redoing the kitchen, electricians had the electric off and on all through the hatch. I don't know if the hatch was bad because of that or because the bator was to full. Out of 38 or 40 eggs I have 16 chicks that are now 8 weeks old. These are my bred Siilian Buttercups to choose from for next years hens and Roos. I am enjoying those 8 week old chicks.

Now its your turn to enjoy the ones you have and set some more eggs. I'm going to set more SBC eggs as soon as I get the Quail out of the bator, its full again.

Enjoy your babies.
We have around 18-20 live chicks at the moment. During the hatching 1 died on its own and 3 needed put down. 1 was very weak and unhealthy looking, another was the one with the sack that burst, and the 3rd is one that hatched by itself but had the ankles curled downward and kept flopping all over the place. We weren't sure how to fix it. If it was toes then I'd do the tape boot. Do have one I had to use the bandaide for spraddle leg but it is doing really good. Going to switch the bandaide today. Tried to fix spraddle leg before but without any luck but this is the first bandaide attempt. I've already got my favorite chicks picked out. They happen to be my first silkies.
Wonder what a couple of them will look like cause the woman we got the eggs from has different colors that she has all together. The only buff one we got has a black spot on its head and then we have 2 white ones with black stripes down their backs. I'm attached to the first white one that hatched. Did have a slight curled under toe that I thought about taping but it was getting around and then yesterday somehow during the day it got walking even better and the toe straightened out some on its own. Reminds me of a polar bear with the white on top of the black skin. It likes to fall asleep when being pet.

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