Don't let your chicken watch youtube!

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    My lame runt Lulu is quite skinny so on cold days she sits on a blanket in the corner of the kitchen. She has food, water, etc and has been quite content. Sometimes she lays on my lap while I'm reading. She had been good at staying on the blanket. Well the other evening, for fun I had her on my lap and had chicken clucking videos from youtube playing. She seemed quite interested in them but said nothing. Later that evening, I was in the basement when I heard alot of clucking coming from the living room. I thought my son was playing videos for Lulu again. When he yelled I ran upstairs to find Lulu standing in the living room clucking like crazy at DS on the computer. She has never clucked so loud nor so long. After that, she would not stay on the blanket but hobbled around the kitchen and living room. I wonder what those chickens on youtube told her? Beware if you let your chickens watch youtube. Some of the chickens on there are giving the chickens watching back ideas.

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    [​IMG] Thats must be what happens when my hubby watches You tube too. I swear when he watches those boats on there they tell him to go buy one just like them!!
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    She's gone a bit crazy.
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    I think youtube is evil!!! [​IMG]

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