Don't mess with a mama guinea!

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  1. I learned from my neighbor's guineas yesterday that you dont mess with a mama guinea or her babies.

    Neighbor has 2 pairs of guineas, I hadnt seen the oldest female for a month and thought something had got her especially when her mate was all over the place and so i figured she wasn't nesting but eaten.

    Well yesterday apparently she brought babies up after hatching them, they are only two days old maybe and the neighbor caught them and put them in a outdoor brooder...Well I hear 'em peeping and all and go check out what he's got, and I take a baby out of the box cause its got spraddle legs, and all of a sudden out of no where comes mama guinea and JUMPS right into my head making all kinds of horrible racket. I had to hurry up and put the keep back cause she came around for ROUND TWO. I swear I got some sense knocked out of me by that guinea mom, she didn't like me making her baby cry I swear!

    Now I know = Mama guineas and their babies = no touchy or take a broom and an extra pair of eyes to ward 'em off!

    She was all kinds of happy when i started walking away, threw her wings out and did the intimidation dance after me making sure I was going to leave I guess. lol.
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    I was holding an adult Guinea trying to get a close up picture & she would head butt me & the camera & then look at me like do you mind [​IMG]
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    My son learned not to mess with a mama guinea last year...One of my hens came back with 9 keets that she hatched. He (then 4) decided to 'look' at the babies. Mom or dad guinea, one or the other, latched on to my son's head and wouldn't let go. I'm sure it scared the life out of my poor kid, but he's been told a million times not to mess with mamas and their babies!

    He wasn't even close, that's the funniest part about it [​IMG] He wasn't hurt, just shook up [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] I was told that this is how you break a chicken chasing dog, to toss it into the middle of a brood of mama guinea with her babies. I have a chicken chasing weiner dog and you can bet that if I had access to a guinea mom and babies, I'd sure toss her in. [​IMG]

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