Don't put the chickens befpre the coop

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  1. roosterjerry

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    Feb 24, 2009
    I had a very long day yesterday. Started out by trying to build a small holding pen for some Americanas I was going to get then going to look at some calves we bought four they will be here next week. Then off to go look at chickens. The guy I got them from had some amazing birds. He had a couple Guinea hens,a large run full with ten or so very big Rhode Island Red Roosters,not sure why so many roosters. Then he had some unbelievable Turkeys I have never seen anything like them they had so many colors and long beards he said 1 of them was a 2008 grand champion.
    So I got 3 Americanas 2 laying hens and one Roo. Now I have one blue egg on top of all the brown eggs. So when I got home I had no place to put them but a dog crate.The roo would not leave the hens alone. I had to work fast then it started pouring rain.It took me until I was out of light and my girlfriend was holding the flashlight. Today I just need to build some laying boxes. Here is a shot of my new Roo.

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    bit the coop is so much more likely to happen if the chickens are there already.
  3. Chicky Tocks

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    Oct 20, 2008
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    [​IMG] LOL yes, it's important to have a place to put your chickens before you bring them home!

    My DH has been forewarned. We have one coop that holds 7 chickens, but I'm filling the bator tonight for the first time and I'm expecting some excellent beginner's luck on this first hatch. DH has roughly one month to build a new coop. That's ample don'tcha think?

    You're rooster is a hottie! He seems very eager to round up his hens. Good luck with everyone!
  4. CoopCrazy

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    Mar 3, 2009
    Don't feel too bad i did the same thing. I think the excitment just gets to us. Even with that my girls layed the first day so it didnt stress them out too Bad [​IMG]

  5. acheeknmanbestfren

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    Mar 10, 2009
    I feel your pain - must be something in the air. I was set to pick up 3 adult BOs on Sunday so I was thinking I had plenty of time to finish my coup. Well, I got an e-mail yesterday around 1:00 pm asking if I could pick them up around 6:30 as the seller was leaving town unexpectedly.

    My son and I worked feverishly on the coup for about 4 hours before we had to pick up the BOs - didn't finish but should be able to get at least the inside of the coup completed this morning so we can move the ladies in and then finish the run.

    Until then they (3) are in a 3 x 4 dog crate. They are pretty birds though!
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  6. roosterjerry

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    Feb 24, 2009
    Well I just finished getting the door on the coop now it's time to build the nesting boxes and roosts. This is too much like work. One of the new hens got out so I just let her roam around inside the barn until I had the door on the coop. Whenever she got near the other coop my other hens screamed at her. I sure hope that they will get use to each other quickly. well I guess I should get going someone is no doubt looking for a place to lay some eggs.

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