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10 Years
Mar 10, 2009
Central Indiana
i am putting a sliding door for my girls to enter the run. it will be accessable from the outside so i can open/close it without going into the coop/run. however, i was wondering about cloth/burlap over the door. do i need anything to keep the wind, etc out? i thought about a doggie door, but not sure a chicken could push it open.

ps - i am building a playhouse style coop with a nice size run.
Where are you--what climate? I wouldn't worry about covering the doorway if it is only open during the day. I put a cloth on mine during the winter, as there was no door (inside their "coop" area), but I guess I should take it down now, as they don't much care for it.
Hi! We took some clear plastic sheeting, kind of like the plastic that ziplock bags are made from, and made 3 inch strips that ran the full length of the door and hung them like vertical blinds and layered them.

now their door looks like a walk in freezer
but they love it!

Dr.Doorlock :

The plastic strips sound like a good idea. I'm having to remake my slider because the wood track swelled in the rain. I'll try the plastic strips and see how they do.

The plastic wrapped around the bottom of the coop is used for insulation, they had 2 feet of snow all around their coop when I took that picture
it took them a little time to get used to going through the door but they eventually got the hang of it. Its cute at night when I check on them, i see their little heads poke out through the plastic like someone would through a shower curtain!

I visited your page and saw your chicken blinders. and nice coop design. how cute!​

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