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Apr 9, 2010
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We are working to expand and I would love to see close-up of your run doors... people sized down to chicken sized.
Our current set-up has ill-fitting doors with wobbly hinges and warped wood. It needs fixing, but I am not picturing in my head how to do it!


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Sep 22, 2009
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I'm guessing you want GOOD examples, huh? That wouldn't be mine... it's pretty cobbled-together. The chicken doors to the run, from the coops which are all inside the run, are fine. It's just the run PEOPLE door ... well... the whole run..... that's pretty tacky.
Here's the "people door" into the run, at least the bottom half of it.

The Big Coop has an automatic door. Here's how it looks from the outside before that part of the coop was painted:

And a view of doorway from the inside, just after the coop was painted:

The eBay kit coop has a door which opens out into its own ramp.

The A-Frame door is okay... it opens to the bottom section and there's a ramp up into the "lodging" upstairs.

Here's a view of the interior ramp to the A-Frame upstairs, when the coop was under construction:

Hope those images help some!

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