Dora... er... Alana The Explorer (VIDEO)

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Nifty-Chicken, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. Nifty-Chicken

    Nifty-Chicken Administrator

    Our 4 year old Alana decided to have an adventure yesterday and came up with the idea all on her own. I missed it, so I asked her to recreate the situation for Grandma and I today.

    Here is her telling the story of what happened and then doing it again:

  2. Awwww! She is so cute! I wouldn't have been able to think up the sandbox into a boat. [​IMG]
  3. KKluckers

    KKluckers Time Out

    Sep 4, 2007
    What a smart little girl. I bet your proud. At that age I would of never thought about that.
  4. Chickadee28

    Chickadee28 Songster

    Sep 20, 2007
    Western IL
    How cute, I just love that age. I also love the plastic golf cub paddles, priceless!
  5. hsm5grls

    hsm5grls Songster

    Oct 3, 2007
    too cute and funny. What a smart little girl. And she is so matter of fact about it. Kids gotta love em. Especially at that age they just have a way of making you smile.
  6. BantyChickMom

    BantyChickMom Songster

    Sep 25, 2007
    Henderson, NC
    That is just so precious.
    You have one very creative little girl there.
  7. MissPrissy

    MissPrissy Crowing

    May 7, 2007
    Forks, Virginia
    She is too cute!
  8. AhBee01

    AhBee01 Songster

    Nov 7, 2007
    yo. ohio
    That is so cute, I love it! That just made my day!
  9. Lunachick

    Lunachick Chicken Slave

    Mar 19, 2007
    Brick, NJ
    I wanna be a little kid again!
  10. Nifty-Chicken

    Nifty-Chicken Administrator

    Thanks for all the nice replies. She's a cutie and a pretty smart little girl... she definitely get's both from her mom!

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