Dorking Chicks Hatched This Weekend! Look!

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    Dorking Chicks hatched this weekend! I have 22 total. 7 RIR w/out 5 toes, 6 Dorkings with 5 toes, 8 BSL (black sex links) with 5 toes, and one odd white/Ivory with faint stripes with 5 toes! My dorking roosters were bred with Black Sex Link hens, and next incubation project should produce red traits from the RIR.

    Anyone local to NC and interested in local pickups/purchases are welcome!
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    Very cool. [​IMG]

    Right now we have a Dominique hen in with our Red Dorking flock as a test breeding. The chicks should be sexlinks with the males being barred & females black. I also have Dominique chicks in my brooder. When they grow out, I'll put a Dom rooster over some Dorking hens. First cull will be for leg color & 5 toes. The rest will have to wait till they mature. Our goals are to recreate and revitalize the cuckoo Dorking & possibly to create Crele Dorkings. Or maybe another color that would spark interest in the breed. Chicken colors seem to be like fashion -- sometimes things need to be kicked up a notch sometimes to get the consumer's interest. Look at how popular lavender orps, silkies, ameraucanas, etc are right now. We have the "ingredients" here to make some pretty cool colors.

    What is your ultimate goal with your outcross?
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    Quote:I would like to produce a secondary Dorking breed that has a majority of dorking traits (toes, meat size, feathers, etc.) but a more variety in cross (color, breed, size, and selective other traits).

    I wonder what it would look like to breed a silver grey dorking rooster to a silkie??[​IMG]

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