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    I am looking for dorkings and found a place called dc heritage breeds in shawville that has them but I have been hearing a lot of negative comments about this place. Anybody have experience with them? Or know of any other places to get dorkings in the Ottawa Valley area?
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    Hey there,

    I have experience with DC Heritage, and am now trying to raise awareness of what Zi perceive to be problems here.

    I bought all of our chicks and pullets there 3-4 weeks ago. Of all of our chicks, two were extremely small. One of these had a foot deformity, and just as I had successfully treated this, died as he got stuck in a chick feeder :( The others are doing well, although the other small one remains much smaller than his buddies.

    When I went to the DC Heritage farm, the birds seemed healthy enough, and the pens were clean, but there seemed to be a huge amount of birds —she had a commercial brooder with maybe 1000 chicks in it, and at *least* a couple of hundred pullets in several pens, all in a building attached to their house. Now I'm a complete newbie at this, so maybe this is normal for a hatchery, and maybe it's not. At the time, I just was surprised that she would have that much business. There were other pens in more buildings where she got my pullets, and these were clean too, and less packed. I didn't see inside the barn where she got my rooster though.

    Despite a relatively good experience, I won't do business with them again. Tonight, my hubby stumbled upon some really disturbing news stories detailing the family's involvement in a huge puppy mill operation on their farm. It made national news a couple of years ago: They had also been mentioned here in 2013, sadly before I joined BYC.

    This is clearly the same place I went to get my chicks — the farm is the same as the one pictured, the mom of the lady who I corresponded with, who helped prep my chicks, is clearly the same person as on Google searches about the puppy mill, and the name in the mailbox is the same.

    I don't want to go on a vendetta, hence my efforts to be clear about what I saw, but I don't believe that people who have been found guilty of these kind of offended have any business raising any kind of animal. I feel very frustrated after having given money to this family, however inadvertently.

    Thankfully, I also have a positive for you! I have a great contact for you about the Dorkings :D Whilst we were visiting a farm to buy locally-raised lamb a couple of months ago, the owners discovered we were about to start raising chickens. They were kind enough to offer a tour of the farm, and showed us their flocks of Partridge Chanteclers/Albertans and Silver Dorkings. Many fewer birds in a much greater space; the birds were also noticeably calmer around people. The Dorkings were stunning, curious, and very friendly!

    The farmers were incredibly generous in sharing tips for building coops, starting a flock, and showing us how they cared for their own chickens. They also train students on their farm, and are trying to establish a breeding program for the a Silver Dorking with a group of friends in the area The name of the farm is Hawk Hill Farm, and it's in Dunvegan. Laurie Maus and Robert Garner are the lovely farmers. poultry.htm

    Hope this all helps! :)
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