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I have 3 hens who are known to have mycoplasma with exacerbations and remissions depending on their stressors. They are all molting and the symptoms of the mycoplasma has flared up. This is a particularly hard molt for them and their favorite treats don’t seem to interest them as before. I have Tetrasol (tetracycline hydrochloride) 100 g (which must mean grams). I have given this in the past and it seems to work pretty well. I have called the drug company about this before because while the dosage reads “use soluble powder in the drinking water at a drug label of Tetrasol per gallon to provide 10 mg/lb of body weight per day in divided doses” there is a picture of a parakeet and parrot on the label. I tried to call them just now and they are closed. I have searched and searched the internet and I can’t find this particular brand and although I did find the tetracycline (but not with chloride), I didn’t find a dosage range for the powder that says “100g”. They are Orpingtons and I am not sure how much they weigh because I do not have scales. I can only guesstimate. Has anyone here ever used this medication and know the dosage.? If not I will have to wait until Monday. Thanks for any help or information


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This is the side part of the label that has the dosing directions. The back side is totally blank, and was from the time I received it


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Can anyone help me with this?
I would do like the label says until you can get more information on the product. Your container contains 100 grams, but it doesn't say how much of that is tetracyline. It should say something like "Each 100 gram package contains 50 grams of tetracycline "
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