Dose cracked corn keep chickens warm

Will cracked corn keep chickens warm

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Nov 2, 2015
Chatham ny
I'm new too chicken farming this is my first winter and I have decided not too heat my coop for they are wild animals but will cracked corn help keep them warm?? I have read some that say yes and some that say no I have them on a store bought later feed of crumbles of there main source of food but I want too know if cracked corn at night would help them stay warmer I have Whyndottes and Easter eggers witch I have read are both a winter hardy bird


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Jul 16, 2015
Glad you aren't using heat, healthy chickens don't require it. The idea behind corn is it is a slower digestible food compare to rations and the act of digestion produces some internal heat throughout the night, not sure if it's been proven or not, but must be something to it for it to be around for so long. I also think it adds some carbohydrates to their diet which is quick energy compared to protein. I prefer whole corn, my chickens go nuts for it. Plus the action of digging around for scratch gets chickens moving which warms them up too. I mix mine with black oil sunflower seeds for some extra fats as well during winter.


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Jun 1, 2009
Corn is a quick energy source that burns off quickly.
Your best off cutting corn back in the winter and feed a little higher protein feed. Protein is harder to digest than corn and takes longer to digest in turn it "heats" the bird up.


Aug 19, 2020
Eastern TN
Hi. I know this post is a while back, but I was just wondering what other food, besides corn, will help chickens stay warmer at night. I have 4 pullets and they have only been outside for a week. It’s going to be in the mid 20’s tonight and I am just a bit worried about them being cold. They are in a nice, dry plastic coop out of the wind, but I only have a rubber mat with chips for the flooring. Blankets For the night? More chips? Another food item? Or will they be ok otherwise? Thanks SO much.

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