Dosing with Duramyacin-10 ?? Chicken that's snotty-- Help :)!!

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    Hi ! I'm hoping someone can help me with some antibiotic advice. We've got a year old Red Star Hen that sounds a little snotty--she has for a bit, I was hoping she'd get better with some rest and separation from the rest of the girls--she's no worse, but no better so I've had her separated from the rest of the gals for a week now. Everyone else is just fine, I think I got her out in time--before she "shared". Anyways, she's in our barn in an isolation cage with a heat lamp and a cozy little nest, but I really want to get her going on an antibiotic. I bought powdered Duramyacin-10 @ the tractor supply store and it says this on the back...

    Control of chronic respiratory disease (CRD air sac disease) caused my Mycoplasma gallisepticum and Eschericia coll, infections synovitis caused by Mycoplasma synoviae sensitive to tetracycline jydrochloride.

    Recommended dose:

    CRD AIR SAC DISEASE= Use soluble powder in the drinking water at a drug level of 400-800 mg tetracycline hydrochloride per gallon per day. Infectious Synovitis: Use soluble powder in the drinking water at a drug level 200-400 mg tetracycline hydrochloride per gallon per day (Administer for 7-14 days).

    So I figured I'd play it safe and do the 400 mg per gallon per day.

    Here's my thing though, it's in a package that is 6.4 oz of powder, and you have to throw out what you don't use every day and make new. I don't want to mix 25 gallons of water to get the right 400 mg/gallon dose--Is there an easier way to like "scoop out" how much I need from the package and mix up just the right amount every day?? I'm sure there is someone who is familiar with this-- Math is not my thing [​IMG]!! -- Thanks for the help I appreciate it [​IMG]!!

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